Downloadable Test Bank for 2011 Individual Taxation 5th Edition Pratt

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Downloadable Test Bank for 2011 Individual Taxation 5th Edition Pratt

 Available Instructor TEST BANK for 2011 Individual Taxation 5th Edition Pratt INSTAN DOWNLOAD Digital files


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 1. An Overview of Federal Taxation.

2. Tax Practice and Research.
3. Taxable Entities, Tax Formula, Introduction to Property Transactions.
4. Personal and Dependency Exemptions; Filing Status; Determination of Tax for an Individual; Filing Requirements.
5. Gross Income.
6. Gross Income: Inclusions and Exclusions.
7. Overview of Deductions and Losses.
8. Employee Business Expenses.
9. Capital Recovery: Depreciation, Amortization, and Depletion.
10. Certain Business Deductions and Losses.
11. Itemized Deductions.
12. Deductions for Certain Investment Expenses and Losses.
13. The Alternative Minimum Tax and Tax Credits.
14. Property Transactions: Basis Determination and Recognition of Gain or Loss.
15. Nontaxable Exchanges.
16. Property Transactions: Capital Gains and Losses.
17. Property Transactions: Dispositions of Trade or Business Property.
18. Employee Compensation and Retirement Plans.
19. Taxation of Business Forms and Their Owners.